Tea that Could Pose as Coffee


There is tea that tastes like coffee on the market. There will not be an identical taste, but the similarities are there.

One popular tea is Pu’er tea. This tea can be an aid to weight loss. The tea tastes fermented, so it is a bit like coffee in that it has a slightly roasted taste. If one gets a Pu’er tea with roasted coffee beans in loose leaf form, then it will have more of a coffee flavor to it.

Another tea that tastes like coffee is Jumpy Monkey by David’s Tea. This tea has yerba mate and coffee beans in it. The mixture is quite like a cup of coffee, but with a healthy twist. The yerba mate will not give a person the up’s and down’s that caffeine does.

Some people think that black tea tastes like coffee. The two drinks have a similar profile, so often coffee lovers love black tea as well.